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Dnizen_Snips   registered to Treasure Island
[Commodore] DoG Whatever is broke! will still be broke in the morning. :) night night :blind:
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[Commodore] Toxic   Nighty night. I'm off to bed too
bustercodi05 , [Matey] Fabrizi0oGamer and [Matey] ccbskulldemon registered to Treasure Island
[Cpt] Din/Pie Guess whos back
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[Cpt] Din/Pie   Me of course :p
[Matey] Danjam2006   whos u?
[Privateer] Pops   DIN DIN!!! YASSSSS
[Crew] JoePCool14 Good morning all. Sorry I haven't been on TI much recently. Had some struggles with school grades and then Better Together was released and I've been hooked on that. Anyways, I'm back again. :)
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PoodlesareBae   registered to Treasure Island
[Ghost] Whatwhy2   created a new thread Dubloons Trade in the Fantasy No PvP forum
[Ghost] Whatwhy2 I was just walkin around Jerkbait on Survival No PvP, and found this. Fascinating.
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[Matey] Smicy   registered to Treasure Island
[P-Queen] Tiger I would like to start building another wither arena in survival no pvp. its goint to be big, if anyone would like to be a part of it please let me know!
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[Pirate] 4cdarth   I volunteer as Tribute! wait, wrong universe...
But i will help for sure.
[P-Queen] Tiger   awesome! next time you are on hmu
[Ghost] SirPandaz is there a way i could move my npc between worlds? i cant seem to get my npcs to snark it says they couldnt be spawned
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[Privateer] Pops   Command is /npc moveto x y z world :) Make sure to /npc select before tho
[Ghost] SirPandaz   still says npc cant be spawned :/
[Commodore] DoG   Sorted
Block0Buster and carolinedanmark registered to Treasure Island
[Bones] andreptt and [Ghost] Justin_Wizzkid   donated a total of $35.00 to Treasure Island
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[Commodore] DoG   Done and thanks again. :)
[Ghost] Justin_Wizzkid   Thanks too :)
[Bones] andreptt   done sir
[Commodore] DoG   created a new thread Applying for a builder rank: How to get started! in the Creative forum
kobee159   registered to Treasure Island
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