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[Cpt] wrif   created a new thread Villager Water World in the WaterWorld No PvP forum
[Cpt] Izhape Happy B'Day wrif et al :)
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Koishi9   registered to Treasure Island
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[Crew] Molinious ermmmmm...........
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[Crew] Donna_M   gg on breaking your game Moli xD
[Pirate] 4cdarth   Alderaan?
[Crew] Molinious   not doing well today am i?
[Cpt] Laxerer T.I is a cool server.
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[Matey] Mattyo   registered to Treasure Island
[Ghost] Tim_A_Mac Just seen the Pirate Name Post xD I'm Red Creeper Holystone :d
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[Ghost] Tiger2472   created a new thread villager in the SkyBlock No PvP forum
[Commodore] DoG Morning all :funny:
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[Privateer] Snow_Everdeen   Morning DoG and NIght
[Crew] Donna_M   Morning :d
[Matey] klynnm88 and [Matey] Stinkmeaner_ registered to Treasure Island
[P-King] Gold Found this unclaimed spot on survival. It's beautiful
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[Ghost] ThePirateThief   I've been there. It was full of loot, I raided the place and gave it to a new player. I kept a home set there at the time to raid said new player after a decent amount of time. Either they didn't play after that day or didn't like the place because they never put anything there. Did make a map of it that's hanging in my house.
[Cpt] *~Avi-ator~*   oooh, that looks cool!
[Matey] SomeOne1112 and [Matey] SolianaNoctem registered to Treasure Island
[Cpt] iTzPret The center fountains are now completed!
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[Privateer] Uniicorn   looks amazing!
[Cpt] iTzPret   Thank you!
[Cpt] *~Avi-ator~*   beautiful! :)
[Cpt] Izhape   created a new thread Iz Plays Survival a Second Time in the YouTube Showcase forum
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