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[Terror] Amander   created a new thread June Voting and Treasure Chest Giveaway in the Competitions forum
[Crew] HeraldMageVanyel when you come online to a creeper in your house o.o
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Lither_ , [Matey] lKatleen , petber and registered to Treasure Island
[Ghost] GreenFlameKing Sleepover with friends. Temxi, Emma, Slavy, Abe. :)
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[Matey] Abemet   :d best sleepover ever
[Matey] Abemet slemmie is so cute!
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[Ghost] TrueSlav   For godsake good god almighty great power of god just freakin hell........
Reminder of event Ryan's Ghost Giveaway Deadline on 2017-05-31
Ryan60248's Ghost Rank Giveaway will end. Please be entered before the deadline. [Crew] Ryan60248 wrote:So its time for my annual giveaway! I did on...
Reminder of event Spud's Skin Competition Ends on 2017-05-31
All skins/ranks must be submitted for Spud's Skin Competition by this time. [Crew] Spud wrote:Sooo... I need a new skin. It can be anything really, ...
[Ghost] SlendyBaby So a while back I posted about starting a large project and needing donations on Survival Non-PVP. Here is my progress so far on it, but I've run out of materials! If anyone can help out there is a donation center at /warp Slendershop
I am in need of light grey wool, white wool, light grey dye, or anything that can be used to make light grey dye. Just dump it in any of the containers if you can help! Thanks in advance!
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[Cpt] ethan   created a new thread Shape - Moondew Building Service in the Survival No PvP forum
[Ghost] Whispstar Another very busy day on fantasy!
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Lither_   wut texture pack is dat
[Ghost] Whispstar   Faithful
[Cpt] ethan Progress done on my base :) (Auto Sugar Cane & Cactus Farms. House with chest room in basement, cow spawner and wheat, carrot and potato farms)
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[Ghost] GreenFlameKing   It's good to see you playing more survival with us. Doing great :)
[Commodore] DoG Updated Snapshot to...
Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 6
We're now drawing to a close with 1.12, with hopefully one of the final pre-releases. We're aiming to get the full 1.12 release out to you all very soon, so depending on how todays...
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[Commodore] DoG
Heads up: PC downtime on June 7th
On June 7th, the PC / Mac Edition will undergo some essential downtime so we can upgrade our systems. Don't be sad! Everything will be fine! Most systems related to the PC edition ...
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[Privateer] Snow_Everdeen   so sad! what are we to do?! (i got windows 10 mc but eh its boring a lone lol)
[Avatar] HanLin98 This is the cords to a slime spawner on SkyGrid (IN SWAMPLAND):
X: -1287 Y: 73 Z: 372
Took me a while to find one in a swamp land a while ago when I got mine, so if anyone is struggling to find one like I did xD there is one there :)
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[Avatar] HanLin98 The amount of times on SkyGrid I've gotten excited from the distance by a spawner to get close to it and see its just a sheep one and not polar bear one hahaha xD
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