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kazekage   registered to Treasure Island
[Ghost] MrBarriq Hey guys and girls alike! For those of you who are in college (like myself) and are getting ready for finals, just remember one thing: you got this! You are going to do great and they'll be over before you know it :)
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[Boatswain] Ryan60248 Good morning Treasure Island! Hope you all have a lovely day!
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[Avatar] HanLin98   You too!
[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy Server restarting, anyone know how long it might take??
Heh, Keen as a green bean :p
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[Commodore] DoG   Should only take 3 minutes (I hope).
[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy   Cool, it's up, thanks! :d
[Ghost] JordyC123   created a new thread Fantasy No PvP Player Shops Not Working. in the Fantasy No PvP forum
[Commodore] DoG Morning all :funny:
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[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy   Morning!
[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy So quiet on survival..
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[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy Lotto at $277,300 with 16 minutes left!
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[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy   315k and 13 mins
Kawaiipaigestar and [Matey] Goldenbruhh registered to Treasure Island
[Pirate] Wasdwarrior I feel like I have a piece of history here <3
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[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy Crazy wasted all his money on lotto ^.^
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[Privateer] Snow_Everdeen   And I won it
[Ghost] GreenFlameKing   I lost 170k once time at lotto.
[Commodore] DoG
Minecraft Snapshot 17w17a
Last week was the last week to introduce new features for 1.12, and starting from this week we are focusing on polishing the new features, fixing as many bugs as possible and optim...
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[Matey] Diaminer24   registered to Treasure Island
[Viscount] kidcraft26 , [Commander] Wiistick03 and terminador234 registered to Treasure Island
[Matey] kingfo2014 How do you let people build on your plots?
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[Privateer] Snow_Everdeen   Towny Commands
[Ghost] Brooke_gizzy   I think it's /plot add
[Privateer] Snow_Everdeen   Towny commands are different from go guys, he is looking for the towny commands and what I found wasn't correct
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