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[Ghost] CallMeGalactic Night night T.I!
[Ghost] CallMeGalactic Go away phantom mobs!
Island: Monkey
Coords: X 3147 Y 67 Z 6001
Thanks for the help!
[Conjurer] HappyRune   registered to Treasure Island
Recent new threads Replies Forum
old claim
1 Fantasy No PvP
old claim
1 Fantasy No PvP
[Ghost] Shiny A user had trouble removing an armour stand pet a few hours ago on Vanilla-ish, Is this a bug? I would like to assist them next time we cross paths. Thanks :)
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[Commodore] T.I. Support   He should get a doctor to look at that! Sounds painful :p
[Ghost] Requillias Btw when will WaterWorld get its Dynmap?
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[Commodore] T.I. Support   Sorry wont be on waterworld.
[Dragonlord] BlueSky952 With 1.12 released, I was wondering about a few advancements involving the nether
(Uneasy Alliance, Subspace bubble). From what I can tell, these advancements would be impossible without the use of nether portals. I wonder if there could be a solution implemented for these advancements to be obtainable.
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[Dragonlord] BlueSky952   Fantasy. My ign is BluesCrues and my nick is Blue
[Commodore] T.I. Support   Do you feel up to making a thread with all the things you cant get? and we will come up with a fix for them. :)
[Dragonlord] BlueSky952   That should be that! Just posted the completed list! Check it out and see what you can do.
[Cpt] Samuel [link]

Come join me for some fun music! :)
Come hang out on and listen to awesome music for fre...
Join a party. Be a DJ. Or just listen. Enjoy music together and chat with people from around the world right now.
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[Ghost] Trabbel   I'm there, all by myself :o
[Matey] Goldy2007 Dog on survival no pvp i have 57 doubloons but that whas before the 1000 update cam in the game so can i have my 57.000 doubloons ??
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[Crew] Ryan60248   Post here please :)
[Emperor] Sahaj Hey guys, joined the server yesterday. Looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. Hope you have a great day, take care! (:
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[Emperor] Sahaj   Thank you so much for the replies, Fantasy. I'll be playing Fantasy 98% of the time haha.
[Commodore] DoG   Welcome aboard :pirate:
[Ghost] Requillias   Screw Fantasy, WaterWorld is the new black :v
[Ghost] CallMeGalactic Good morning, T.I!
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[Privateer] Uniicorn   Good Morning
[Ghost] Requillias So i have been wondering, in WW one warp seems to be removed which was "is mitay" (God bless his soul for his warp/grinder/enchanter there he made public). Also it seems there are 2 useless (?) warps: lava and sponge. So i was wondering, why?
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[Commodore] DoG   Lava and sponge are just handy warps if you need to buy those items.
[Matey] scarecrowley   registered to Treasure Island
[Commodore] DoG The one you have all been waiting for... Airbending is down for upgrading to 1.12 :p
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[Commodore] DoG   Airbending is now 1.12 and back open.
[Judge] Thom   :o shook
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