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Treasure Island is a pirate themed network for all ages. We currently offer the following gamemodes...

* Survival No PvP (Economy based server with jobs, player shops, auctions and much more)
* Fantasy No PvP (Slimefun based server with lucky blocks, magic loot and much more)
* WaterWorld No PvP (It's like skyblock but under water! Choose an easy, normal or hard starting bubble)
* SkyGrid No PvP (Skygrid, nethergrid and endgrid worlds with quests. Makes skyblock look easy!)
* SkyBlock No PvP (Choose from 5 custom starting islands with mcMMO, craftbook and real villagers)
* Pixelmon (v5.1.4)
* Prison (OP prison server with 32 mines and 32 ranks to earn your freedom)
* Survival PvP (PvP server with 5 pvp arenas, skywars and OP enchantments)
* AirBending PvP (Harness the power of the elements and make some crazy enchantments)
* Vanilla-ish No PvP (Vanilla-ish server with grief prevention and lockette to protect your work)
* Towny No PvP (Towny based server with mcMMO, boats, cars, bikes and planes)
* Creative (501x501 plot to start, builder and role-playing ranks, world edit for everyone)

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Casual Competitive - Low Social Family Friendly voice TS3
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